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To my son on the day of his 18th birthday.


Love can be different: a mother’s love to her child, a father’s love to his child, love between husband and wife, between lovers, love to friends, to people in general, to your Nation, to your Homeland, to your Profession, to your Place of Work, to your Way of Life, and so on. However, we can all agree that the most frequent and the strongest love is a mother’s love for her child.

But what happens if we separate a mother from her child at the time of birth and let them meet again in 40 years?

In most cases, the emotions of this mother will be far from love that a mother usually feels to her child. Why? Because this mother was not allowed to give her love to the child.

The nature of love – is giving. The more one person gives to another – the stronger and deeper the love. If you want to feel true love, be ready to give everything!

There is one type of love that stands separately from the others. It is love of a person to himself. This is a very strong feeling. A person who loves himself is not capable of giving and therefore is not capable to love anyone else, to love the people, to love the motherland.

So, what is Love? Love is a talent.

Being an artist is a talent. If there is no such talent, a person certainly can be taught to portray something somehow, but he will never become a real artist.

The ability to love is a talent. If you are looking for a person with such talent, look among those who have already proven that they really have this talent.

How can you find such a Person?

Do not look for this person among couples – there is no place for you.

Do not look for this person among lovers – it is easy to make a mistake.

Do not look for this person among those who love their profession or place of work – it is unreliable.

Do not look for this person among those who love themselves – it is hopeless.

Love to your nation and to homeland is unconditional and demands nothing in return. Among the people who love their nation, look for those talented in love.

People that hate other nations pose their hatred as love to their nation. These people have a talent to hate. Be careful!



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